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Jazz just like I like it. Dynamic, and psychedelic as hell. Enjoy.



Early in 2016, Fundamental Forces was approached to do a spring residency at Substation, a new venue in Seattle. The band was given free reign to present whatever music they’d like to perform, with no stylistic expectations or restrictions. What unfolded is documented here using just room mics and a feed off of the live mixing board.

Those familiar with the group may be surprised by what they hear on Continua. It represents a perspective of the Fundamental Forces catalog that most fans rarely see, especially outside of their home base of Seattle, Washington. Occasionally, given the right opportunity, the band will step outside of their typical boundaries and give a freer, heavier, more psychedelic performance. They harness years of experimentation with digital effects on acoustic instruments in order to create wildly cinematic soundscapes. This is what is captured on Continua- a unique mixture of avant rock, quirky worldbeat, adventurous jazz and jam band improvisation, live and in concert.

All songs written by Rik Wright
Tracks 1 and 2 © 2014, Track 3 © 2015, and Track 4 © 2013 by Booshkaboo Music


Rik Wright – guitar
James DeJoie – alto saxophone
Geoff Harper – bass
Greg Campbell – drums and percussion

Recorded live in concert at Substation in Seattle WA USA during a 3-month residency from March through May 2016.

Produced by Rik Wright
Recorded and engineered by Steve Kennedy-Williams
Venue sound mixing on April 20th, 2016 by Steven Andrea
Venue sound mixing on May 18th, 2016 by Crystal Collins
Mastered by Rik Wright
CD design by Sasha Lannon Kenny

Special thanks to Tim Basaraba for hosting these concert events.

  1. 5 out of 5


    Within the first few seconds of Subtle Energy, the tone for the album Continua is set: Fundamental Forces will take you on a journey. It will sow doubt and discomfort but assure you of safe landings. There will be exquisite sonic landscapes, the sort for which Jeff beck, Bill Frisell and Steve Kimock have earned heaps of praise.

    Within a short span of a little over ten minutes, Subtle Energy reveals multiple textures and melodies examined by guitar (Rik Wright) and saxophone (Jim DeJoie) that sometimes consort in unison with tones reminiscent of Mahavishnu’s early days. Other times they hold the stage for one another. All the while accompanied by supremely sensitive playing by Geoff Harper on bass and Greg Campbell on drums, that duet like a frame drum and a drum kit. Fragmented continues in the same vein contrasting deeply meditative passages against energetic riffs but never escaping the minor laden theme that introduces and permeates the song.

    Harmonic Tremor starts and ends with a catchy riff, which New Orleans horns could have fun with. Between the beginning and the ending, the saxophone plays through a fan, foreshadowing electric ladyland like wahwah that follows from the guitar. You can rock out to this song and keep coming back to it for more. Miss Thing features some beautiful bass rippling through the surface, before the guitar and horn start announcing, too soon, the beginning of the beginning of the end of the album (or of the beginning of several listenings).

    This album has been meticulously recorded. There is so much space and balance that every detail can be easily explored. The album is a pleasure to listen to. Makes the music a joy to experience.

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