Fundamental Forces

Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces is an innovative collective of modern progressive jazz players who are known for their genre-bending performances – world beat one minute, rock the next, a touch of jam band and back to the core of jazz. Blending forward thinking arrangements with a core groove that listeners can tap their toe to, their music allures at every turn. That allure has propelled them all the way to #1 on the CMJ Jazz charts. In fact, altogether the group has placed three full-length recordings in the CMJ Jazz Top 40 chart in three consecutive years, two of those breaking the Top 10.

All the while, Wright and cohorts have won critical praise across the board for their forward thinking approach, prompting to proclaim, “Wright’s music is innovative, paving a path of his own making through the jazz kaleidoscope. Eclectic sounding with a flair for the exotic, Fundamental Forces is artistically imaginative and ventures into synthesizing a breed of blues, bebop, and rock that expands the public’s perception of jazz.”

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